Australia is the smallest continent in the world, and ironically also the largest island that exists. The country has long been a favored travel destination from India. From iconic landmarks to great underwater scenes – Australia tourism makes sure it has something for everyone. If water or sightseeing is not your thing, then there are beautiful hiking trails to explore and mind-blowing natural destinations to see like the pink-colored lakes Spencer and Hillier.

To know more about the place, go through our detailed guide of Australia tourism.

History of Australia:

Aboriginals of Australia are believed to have the oldest culture on earth since they arrived this place by boat 50,000 years ago. Scattered in 500 different clans and speaking around 700 languages, there were about one million aboriginals living across this continent as hunters. And, the most interesting thing to know about these clans is that despite having a spiritual connection with their land, they traveled widely for trade, water, and ritual gatherings as well.

People, Language, and Culture of Australia:

Being quite casual and relaxed by nature, Australians are not a fan of formal greetings. Though they love their laid-back lifestyle, they also love being around with their family and friends. They are also known for being punctual and polite. Though English is the official language, locals here speak around 300 languages. Known as predominantly a Christian country, there is no particular state religion as people are free to follow any religion of their choice.

Famous food in Australia:

On an excursion to Australia, it is recommended to munch on its popular dishes, like Pavlova, Chiko roll, Lamingtons, Sausage sanger, Neenish tart, and some other scrumptious delicacies.

Great Barrier Reef:

It is undeniable that the Great Barrier Reef is the main reason behind the ever-growing Australia tourism. Australia has forever boasted its 2000 km long coral reef on the western coast by the Pacific Ocean, and rightfully so. This is the world’s largest natural coral reef, and it can be explored from the west coast along Queensland and from the various off-shore islands as well. Snorkeling, scuba diving, coral exploration, helmet diving, submarine diving and swimming with the turtles and whale sharks are some of the best activities that can be done at the barrier reef. This are only the things that can be done under the water surface. Over the surface, surfing, waterboarding, paddle-boarding, jet-skiing – the options are endless.

Top beaches in Australia:

Famed for some exotic beaches, Australia tourism allows tourists to laze along the long stretches of white sand and find a rejuvenated you. Come here to enjoy a sojourn at its famous beaches, like

Bondi Beach

Lizard Island

Main Beach

Mandalay Beach

Cable Beach

Wildlife in Australia:

Home to a unique variety of animals, reptiles and birds, visitors here can enjoy a rendezvous with some prominent wild species of animals, like kangaroo, dingo, wallaby, and platypus.

The list also includes marine animals, like the blue-ringed octopus, cone snail, and sea snake along with land animals such as Emu, eastern brown snake, Gang-gang Cockatoo, wolf spider, wedge-tailed eagle, tiger snake, blue-tongued skink, and banjo frog.

Honeymoon in Australia:

Being counted amongst the best places to enjoy a honeymoon vacation, visitors can choose to enjoy a sojourn with their beloved at places, like

The Whitsundays



New South Wales


The Great Barrier Reef

Major Festivals in Australia:

Have a gala time on an excursion to Australia while enjoying its prominent festivals such as

Melbourne Grand Prix

Vivid Sydney

The Melbourne Cup

Canberra Balloon Festival

Things to do in Australia:

One can do a lot of things during the Australia trip – beaches, underwater life, hiking trails, shopping, temple visits and so on. But the one thing that most people overlook is the magnificent, surreally beautiful southern lights. Although not as popular as its northern sister Borealis, the Aurora Australis is quite as pretty to soak your eyes in. The best vantage point is from Mount Wellington in Tasmania. Take in the gorgeous green lights hanging down from the sky like natural festive streamers. Once you have experienced this once-in-a-lifetime view, no other thing could look quite as impressive.

Island hopping

Explore Pinnacles

A food trip to Tasmania

See Sydney Harbour

Cruise the Kimberley

Water Rides in Gold Coast

Major Cities in Australia:

Sydney: It is one of Australia’s largest cities and also the capital of New South Wales. The famous Sydney Opera House is the iconic landmark of Australia, and the harbourfront is known for the legendary New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations.

Melbourne: Melbourne is the leading coastal city of Australia, located in the state of Victoria. Situated on the Yarra River, Melbourne is known for its Federation Square and a great scene for indigenous art.

Brisbane: At the other end of the Pacific Highway that shoots off from Sydney is Brisbane. The capital of Queensland is home to numerous galleries, museums, botanical gardens, cultural institutions, and Mount Coot-Tha.

Adelaide: The capital of South Australia has a lovely zoo and renowned institutions like the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australia Museum.

Darwin: Once a famous frontier outpost during World War, Darwin is now the dazzling capital of Northern Territory and the gateway to Kakadu National Park. It has some great waterfront locations, museums, the Bicentennial Park and the crocodile diving facility – Cage of Death.

A very important part of Australia’s visit is roaming around the city in the urban centers. Local transport is top-notch, and so are the local shopping and dining destinations. While on Australia trip, try out the original Carlton draught beer and one of the beach parties at Bondi Beach. Do not miss a chance to see some real, wild Kangaroos at the Kangaroo Island either.