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We all have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Very true. But, for a traveler who wants to drench himself with the entirety of the travel experience, the one who wants all his senses and not just the sight to make an impact on his heart and the one who relishes literary beauty would surely rate literary beauty higher than any other form of expression.

We at tripstor welcome one and all with such an inclination. Cheers to your interest in writing for the tripstor and its blog!!

tripstor helps you plan hassle free trips and provides a platform to stor(e) and share your memoirs. These memoirs would surely be the ones which will be etched in your hearts. However, to make them lasting as well as to make others enlightened, engrossed and enjoy your experiences tripstor gives you yet another platform – our own blog.

Our weekly blog will be eager to welcome pieces of experiences, travelogues and destination information from you. We warmly welcome all you writers to come and be an Author with us at tripstor.

We have no bar on the type of literary piece – prose or poetry. No bar on the location. No bar the choice of topic.

The only criteria is that the pieces of writeup that we get must be original in nature, relevant to our users and of course of a high quality.

And what do we do with your writings –

  • Apart from the blog we showcase the best entries in our newsletters, giving you a global readership.
  • If you write for any of the destination pages then you get credited as ‘ tripstor author ‘.
  • Based on the hits and ‘ love it ‘s that your article receives you get awarded with traveler badges and reward points.
  • Still more, we also pay deserving entries as deemed fit by our editorial team.
  • Last but not the least, you get a chance to come on board our editorial team.

We will prefer :

  • Articles with word limit of upto 1000 words.
  • Accompanying photographs to go along with your article.
  • Your short introduction in about 50 words.
  • Your photograph

Send your article for Editorial Approval at